Guarantee a successful MEDITECH Expanse Web Ambulatory Go-liveMEDITECH Expanse Web Ambulatory

For many organizations, implementing a new system is a daunting prospect, especially at the beginning when you’re not sure where to start and all the work is still to be done. As consultants, we have a lot of experience helping guide our customers through implementations. Here are a few key points based on prior experience that will make your MEDITECH Expanse Web Ambulatory project go-live a success:

  1. Workflow re-design
    • Have open discussions about current state workflows to help identify what is currently working and what is not. This is also a time to identify any manual workarounds that are occurring (For example, any paper documentation processes currently in place)
    • Standardize future state workflows across all clinics where applicable and identify where there are differences based on department-specific needs
    • For efficiency, have the right people at the table to make decisions or review policy
  2. PAC – Physician Advisory Committee
    • Provider involvement early and often is key
    • Involve physicians in decision making on order sets, policy changes, and documentation templates
    • Physicians should lead the discussion and work with their peers to establish consensus
  3. Integrated testing
    • Create a good testing plan that will spell out the goals for the testing and describe how the testing will be accomplished. This plan should identify the roles of the individuals involved in the testing
    • Build scenarios that cross as many applications as possible, including the site-specific processes that cannot be modified with the new implementation
    • A good integrated test can identify gaps in the build and/or workflow
    • Use Parallel Testing to identify the gaps in the workflow processes
  4. End-user/provider involvement
    • Have clinic staff review documentation, orders/sets, and workflows
    • Obtain clinic staff buy-in while they are participating
  5. Communication
    • Develop a 2-way communication plan to providers and clinic staff to keep them updated on project status, changes made, as well as allowing them to suggest changes. This should be led by the Core Team Leads, as it will provide a positive perception of the new changes in workflow
    • Super Users are critical during training and go-live support. They should be from all disciplines. These Super Users should attend and assist with training and testing as well. They are key to communicating with the core team and changes back to the clinics. Involving the super users in testing and training will mean that they are much more effective at go-live

A MEDITECH Expanse Web Ambulatory implementation is very complex, however, building your system to ensure the flow of information into an EHR and valuing the workflow of the clinicians will not only ensure a smoother go-live but also pave the way for long-term clinical adoption. For more information about our MEDITECH services, visit our solution page or contact Jacobus Consulting to learn how we can assist you in your journey.

Note: Thank you to Senior Consultant, Chris Dallaire, for his valuable contributions to this guide.