You are LIVE on MEDITECH Expanse- Congratulations! Now is the time to look at ways you can optimize your system.

  1. Let’s talk workflows. How are they working for your providers and clinic staff? You worked hard on these before LIVE but now is the time to see if they work as you thought they would. You may need to get a group together to rehash some of these.
    • Review the planned future state workflows by observing the processes
    • Identify any gaps or changes
    • Determine if the gaps require retraining or and evaluation of the workflow
    • Make sure that the workflows are a part of the training process
  2. Take a second look at your ambulatory Order Sets. These are built for individual provider use and are not shared with other providers. Check in with your providers and see what is working and what is not. Do they need the order sets cleaned up or new ones created?
  3. Now we can talk about documentation templates. Did you use tailored documentation in your build? Having a standard template (Office Visit, for example) makes it easy to maintain. Tailoring each provider’s documentation will allow them to use only those items that are pertinent to their specialty. Additionally, you can use the Web Template dictionary to map that Office Visit to the provider’s specialty allowing the notes to be viewed in the patient chart properly. Taking time to review the tailoring with each physician will pay off in saved time for your providers and increased satisfaction with the system.
  4. An additional way to increase provider satisfaction is to look at your Doc Section dictionary. On the Question Sets tab, for each question (type), choose ‘Columns’ as your Response Format. This will increase provider satisfaction as it will make it easier and faster for them to document.
  5. Keep your PAC (Physician Advisory Committee) involved and active in your optimization phase and beyond. They should remain key in decision making on order sets, policy changes, and documentation. They will also play a role in upgrades to the system or new regulatory requirements.

Continuing to incorporating frank, open discussions regarding user workflows and encouraging involvement by your end users, including providers, in the ongoing use and optimization of your system will help provide increased end-user satisfaction and enhanced patient care.

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