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Epic Conversion Services

Other Vendor Data Migration – Extract/Transform/Load (ETL)

As healthcare organizations journey towards a full migration to Epic, decisions are needed as to what to do with the original Healthcare Information System data (MEDITECH, McKesson, Siemens, etc). Significant cost savings can be realized by data migration and sun-setting off of the old system, yet there are many scenarios where accessibility to old information is still required.

A data migration and management strategy is a key phase of any Epic implementation and should address issues such as; data governance, security and access control, an Epic Data Migration Plan for Extract, Transform and Load (ETL), identification of data that requires other storage and archiving strategies, and effective testing strategies to ensure the required data comes over successfully. Jacobus Consulting provides services to address this critical stage in any Epic conversion, including:

  • Decommissioning Assessments targeted at planning for server termination, software sun-setting, budget costs and savings, data migration, accessibility, and data management
  • Technical support services for Data Extraction, Transform and Load of data from the original vendor’s system for conversion and storage into leading 3rd party Data Transition and Archiving solutions and for import to Epic
  • Interim Data Availability Alternatives – when facing “shut-down” dates from previous vendor HCIS contracts and  as interim solutions for 3rd party data management purchases and sun-setting servers, Jacobus can migrate data with a plan to temporarily store this information in accessible databases