Jacobus Consulting


Workflow Process Redesign & Training

Is your organization adept at healthcare process improvement and redesign? Are your process maps rich in the information that your project team needs to deliver on time? Are your application developers frustrated by flowcharts?

Jacobus consultants are experts in BPMN – Business Process Modeling – the leading “open” IT standard for process redesign in the IT industry. BPMN provides an open source “language,” toolset and standard for processes mapping for both technical and operations users that is intuitive, easy to use, and able to represent complex workflow processes and data flows.

Jacobus Workflow Process Redesign Services support clinical and revenue cycle use-cases and are compatible with Six Sigma and LEAN. Our process redesign consultants rapidly analyze and map current processes, identify risks and gaps to best practice, produce recommendations and facilitate discussions and decision making with your team. We then design ideal state process flows that are used by system application developers and also training teams. These future state process designs are driven by your strategic objectives – Quality and Patient Care improvements, Meaningful Use Stage 2, or just operational efficiency gains.

The results? You get improved work processes and optimized systems that support standardization, optimized systems, reduced risk, and better training and efficiency.

Jacobus can transfer process redesign skills to your staff so that it becomes a core competency of your organization. Our BPMN Training and tools empower your staff to accomplish process redesign efforts and will give your staff the tools they need to lead future process redesign.