Exploring best practices for nursing leadership in the evolving healthcare landscape

Today we spoke with Paulette Schroeder, Vice President of Healthcare Consulting Services for Jacobus Consulting about nursing leadership’s critical role in systems. Enjoy!



[0:00] Introduction

[0:47] Taking a look at the past: Forms committees 

[2:32] Nursing leadership involvement in system implementation

[3:45] The role of nursing leadership in system optimization and changes

[05:07] A closer look at change control

[8:33] Conclusion

GUEST: Paulette Schroeder


Paulette Schroeder, Practice Director of Clinical Informatics, Jacobus Consulting


“It is imperative that we as nursing leaders continue to ensure that the methodologies, approvals for changes, and review of workflow processes are in place for best practice documentation and adoption.”

Paulette is an expert in best practices for clinical documentation. For more detail, check out her blog: “Comprehensive Clinical Documentation Done Right.”


Taking a look at the past: Forms committees [0:47]

A forms committee consisted of long discussions about the content on forms, the order of that content, and flow of information for clinical documentation. Any form that was to be a part of the legal record had to go through this committee. In the past, there was much tighter control over documentation forms and variation was kept to a minimum to avoid confusion. In the present day, we have allowed a few people in Information Technology to make changes to documentation without a thorough review when implementing computer systems. This isn’t about Information Technology analysts, but rather about the lack of a structure and process.

Nursing leadership involvement in system implementation [2:32]

Nursing Leadership needs to be seen as a change agent promoting the benefits of the system and encouraging a thorough examination of current workflows that need to be optimized. We need to make sure that part of the review and approval includes identifying how this affects the clinical workflow processes

The role of nursing leadership in system optimization and changes [3:45]

As with an implementation, Executive Nursing leadership needs to set the structure and framework for the methodologies that will be used. With optimizations it is important to examine what is working and what is not, Nursing Leadership must support and encourage the changes needed for successful and meaningful reengineering of current state workflows.

A closer look at change control [05:07]

There are two types of change control and it is important to understand both. Change control is just the process for approving the change but doesn’t in itself make sure that best practice is followed. Needed or desired changes should be presented to a committee. 

Resources: To learn more, visit our Clinical Documentation Standardization page or contact us.