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Case Study: San Diego Provider and Health Plan Partnership

Improving Risk-Adjusted Reimbursement with Accurate HCC Capture

We are proud of our partnerships with healthcare organizations that reach superior and sustainable results as we help them navigate their various challenges. We partnered with a prominent San Diego health system to better match national benchmarks for Medicare Advantage population; customize patient experience and uncover hidden diagnoses; and help meet CMS measures for HCC specificity.

Over the course of our engagement, we have helped them uncover hidden revenue (~ $200K during pilot translating to $1M+ during roll out and implementation across 2 clinics), find 28 new diagnoses, improve HCC specificity and capture, satisfy physician requests for minimal workflow disruption, improve staff adoption, communication, and coordination. Read the case study below for an overview of how we helped them overcome their specific challenges.

Jacobus Consulting San Diego Provider

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