Jacobus Consulting


Heart of Jacobus University

The Heart of Jacobus: UniversityAt Jacobus Consulting, we seek to live out our values. Our education department endeavors to express these values through our Heart of Jacobus University. The university exists to provide ongoing, structured learning opportunities for Jacobus team members. These opportunities are specifically designed to enhance job success as well as promote career development and advancement. Team members will find educational opportunities in programs such as:

  • Core Competency Development – Jacobus provides an organized structure of learning opportunities designed to build professional skills and competencies. These include: verbal and written communication, leadership, project management, client relationships, team building, computer skills and many others. We have over 100 courses available in a variety of formats and delivery options.
  • Leadership Development– Strong leadership is essential to every organization. At Jacobus, we seek to provide a foundational structure of principles, educational tools, training, and support designed to equip each leader for success and to effectively represent Jacobus. We have a schedule of webinars, classes, mentoring, workshops and conferences for the purpose of developing and building our leaders.
  • Subject Matter Expertise – We value the essential knowledge and skills brought by each new team member. We want to build on these skills by encouraging ongoing education in their respective subject areas as well as cross-training with other subject matter experts. We support continued education, certifications and conferences designed to improve knowledge and expertise.
  • Professional Instructors– Building upon the knowledge and skills brought by our team members, we value the use of our experts to create and deliver learning opportunities for our organization and for our clients. Using adult learning principles, our education team partners with those in our company who have expertise in order to create learning opportunities for our company and our clients.