Celebrating Jacobus’ certification as a woman-owned business 

Today we spoke with Sandra Jacobs, Founder and CEO of Jacobus Consulting about how her fresh perspective and approach to business helped her build and grow a values-driven consulting firm unlike any other firm in the industry.



[0:00] Introduction

[0:48] Sandra’s story

[4:07] Biggest role models

[6:12] Woking in a predominately male industry

[8:55] How Sandra’s approach is reflective of being a woman-owned business

[10:50] Advice to women in business

[12:45] Conclusion

Guest: Sandra Jacobs

Sandra is the Founder and CEO of Jacobus Consulting.


“The care of patients and the care of communities is why I do everything I do. From the moment I entered healthcare as a volunteer … to when I opened my own firm, what inspired me, what drives me, what I’m passionate about is serving the sick and the poor…”



Sandra’s story [0:48]

From the moment she entered healthcare as a volunteer, to her current role as CEO, the care of patients and communities drives Sandra.  She is passionate about serving the sick and the poor, improving their care, access to care, and tackling funding issues. After spending over two decades working in hospitals, Sandra realized she could advance her advocacy for patients and for communities by entering into the consulting world, where she found the focus to be on the business’ bottom line, not the patient. After struggling to fit in, Sandra decided to start her own consulting firm that focused on the patient.

Biggest role models [4:07]

Sandra was inspired by many people along her journey, some that are role models to many, and some that nobody has heard of. From these role models, Sandra learned to focus everything she did on the healing of the sick and the poor, how to be optimistic, the importance of vision and equality, strong leadership, and the value of dedicating your life to a cause.

Working in a predominately male industry [6:12]

To clarify, when Sandra began her career in healthcare 42 years ago, there were a lot of women. They were nurses, housekeeping staff, and office staff, however, there were only 2 female physicians. Working in a predominately male industry has been an interesting experience for Sandra. It’s been exciting, challenging, and at times, heartbreaking. Sandra has had to work hard to achieve this level of success. She’s become adept at turning adversity into opportunity.

How Sandra’s approach is reflective of being a woman-owned business [8:55]

Sandra’s strengths are connecting with people and building relationships. She can bring people together to get behind a common goal. These qualities are typically regarded as feminine, so she was afraid to share them at times, but she’s learned that they are strengths and should be shared. Sandra also places an emphasis on caring for people, including patients, customers, and employees.

Advice to women in business [10:50]

It’s important to find your “why.” Why do you do what you do? What inspires you to do it? What’s your purpose? Define what do you bring to society and be confident in it. Know your strengths and be confident in them.

Resources: To learn more about Jacobus Consulting’s certification as a woman-owned business, visit our website.