The role of values in Corporate Culture

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to vacation at a really nice resort or seen one in the movies or on TV, you’ve probably noticed the staff and how they make each vacationer feel welcomed. What is most impressive is that the guests feel ‘served’. The objective of the staff is to be helpful. They don’t just say ‘Have a nice day!’, they say, ‘What can I do to help?’ and put actions to their words. When your arms are full and you’re trying to get into a door, a helpful hand reaches out to assist, when you try to set up your stuff on the beach there’s a staff person there to help you get settled. You can tell that the staff enjoys their job and they are happy to help make your vacation the best it can be. They often even stand to the side in a hallway or pathway and let you pass first. Boy, does that make you feel special!

To me, this is the picture of Jacobus. Our customers don’t just need consultants who say ‘I can help you with that!’, rather they need consultants who actually step in and get the job done. They need consultants who are experienced enough to see why they are struggling and then do something to alleviate that struggle. If not served properly, a customer’s struggles can very easily morph into pain. Pain can mean a lot of things, but in this case, I’m referring to barriers that prevent customers from achieving what matters most to them in fulfilling their goals. At Jacobus ‘What can I do to help?’ is our approach at every customer site, putting actions into place is our service to them.

Jacobus CEO, Sandra Jacobs, has always personally carried the company values – after all, she inspired them. Sandra started in healthcare in high school as a Candy Striper, remember those?! After high school, she worked at a hospital for 20 years before venturing into the consulting world. One of the reasons she started Jacobus was because the consulting firms she worked for didn’t place a high value on taking care of the consultants, which translated into poor service to their clients. It wasn’t that these firms didn’t have good people working for them, but they lacked methodologies and procedures to ensure that every consultant had the tools they needed to achieve the goals of the project and what mattered most to the clients. It is Jacobus’ goal to ensure that Sandra and her teams can focus on the values needed to have a successful project in the eyes of the client, therefore benefiting the patients and communities that our customers serve. 

Internally, our recruiting team is always looking for consultants who embody our stated values. Our clients need consultants who will work hard, collaborate with their leadership and staff, follow through to do what they say they will do, and have a wonderful disposition while doing it. Jacobus consultants and staff live the Jacobus values every day.

We reinforce our values of service by recognizing our team members when they exemplify them. One of our value-driven programs is called ‘Caught Ya’, where peers recognize peers for not only living out our values, but going above and beyond them. It is a wonderful way to say thank you, recognizes hard work, and centers us around the values that mean so much to the success of our mission of ‘empowering our clients to achieve what matters most® – to their business success, community mission, and personal motivations.

Having great team members is not just by chance at Jacobus. It is intentional and we are proud of all of our people. They live our values every day both together as a team and individually. To learn more about the culture at Jacobus, visit our website or contact us.