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  1. 2018 International MUSE Conference

    What not to miss at the 35th Annual 2018 International MUSE Conference

    The 2018 International MUSE Conference is the premier source for networking, education, and professional development for current and future MEDITECH users. The education sessions are presented by your peers who have first-hand experience in interacting with MEDITECH, giving you new strategies, connections, and innovative ideas to take action on immediately after leaving the conference.

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  2. 2018 CMS reimbursement changes

    2018 CMS reimbursement changes: What you need to know

    Hospitals and clinics will again face challenges as CMS approves the 2018 final rule that creates important changes to healthcare reimbursement. The changes will create significant reductions in organizations’ net revenue. To make life easier, we’ve outlined the main challenges and our suggested solutions.

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  3. payer reimbursement

    Guest Feature: Are You Smarter Than Your Payers? 3 Tips to Analyze Payer Reimbursement

    Accepting denials and underpayments as the status quo is one of the most common reasons why practices struggle to remain profitable. Without a focused strategy to analyze payer reimbursement—and dive into the root causes of any problems—practices run the risk of leaving money on the table, and that’s no way to run a business.

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  4. 6.1/Expanse

    4 Key Clinical Points for 6.1/Expanse success

    In any system upgrade, optimization, or migration, there are a number of challenges facing an organization or enterprise. Before moving to MEDITECH 6.1/Expanse, here are four key clinical points that organizations should consider.

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  5. Telehealth

    Supporting The Triple Aim Through Telehealth

    In this special version of our audio blog, Alex, our interviewer, and Senior Marketing Manager will be answering the questions instead of asking them. She will discuss how telehealth can help support the triple aim.

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  6. woman owned business

    Wholeheartedly Committed

    We spoke with Sandra Jacobs, Founder and CEO of Jacobus Consulting about how her fresh perspective and approach to business helped her build and grow a values-driven consulting firm unlike any other firm in the industry.

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  7. Robbi Watson on Corporate Culture

    Today we spoke with Robbi Watson, VP of Corporate Culture at Jacobus Consulting about the importance of cultivating a healthy corporate culture and its effect on an organization’s customer. Take a listen!

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  8. process

    Harold Davis on Process Re-engineering

    We had the opportunity to chat with Harold Davis, VP of Finance, Human Resources, and Education at Jacobus Consulting about the importance of process re-engineering in the healthcare setting and how it benefits patients, providers, and the community at large.

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  9. physician burnout

    The Link Between Clinical Workflow Design and Physician Burnout

    Physician burnout is not a new issue facing care providers, executives — CEOs, COOs, and CMOs alike — and healthcare organizations. But a different type of job demand is emerging adding another barrier to providing patient care. That is additional paperwork or documentation for meeting demands of regulatory compliance, including value-based reimbursement and hierarchical condition categories (HCC) to name a few.

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  10. Right Health IT Consulting Improve Revenue Cycle

    How the Right Health IT Consulting Partner Can Improve the Revenue Cycle

    In the digital and consumer-driven age, information technology (IT) is a crucial part of a business, across many, if not all, industries – especially healthcare. Modern healthcare is in a constant state of flux – evolving from volume to value-based regulations and consumer demands driving healthcare decisions and strategies. Learn how the right Health IT Consultant can improve your revenue cycle.

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