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  1. physician burnout

    The Link Between Clinical Workflow Design and Physician Burnout

    Physician burnout is not a new issue facing care providers, executives — CEOs, COOs, and CMOs alike — and healthcare organizations. But a different type of job demand is emerging adding another barrier to providing patient care. That is additional paperwork or documentation for meeting demands of regulatory compliance, including value-based reimbursement and hierarchical condition categories (HCC) to name a few.

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  2. Right Health IT Consulting Improve Revenue Cycle

    How the Right Health IT Consulting Partner Can Improve the Revenue Cycle

    In the digital and consumer-driven age, information technology (IT) is a crucial part of a business, across many, if not all, industries – especially healthcare. Modern healthcare is in a constant state of flux – evolving from volume to value-based regulations and consumer demands driving healthcare decisions and strategies. Learn how the right Health IT Consultant can improve your revenue cycle.

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  3. Today’s Health Information Technology: 5 Pain Points & How to Fix Them

    Connectivity, security and integration remain priorities for healthcare executives today. And while health IT has the capability of transforming the landscape of these needs, certain challenges continue to stifle CIO efforts to embrace newer technologies as well as consumer and facility demands. Read about the top 5 pain points and how to fix them.

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  4. 6 Things to Look for When Selecting a Healthcare Management Consulting Partner

    6 Things to Look for When Selecting a Healthcare Management Consulting Partner

    The right healthcare management consulting partner can help implement processes that streamline activity and contribute to financial viability. Selecting the right partner, however, is paramount. Consider the following when selecting a healthcare consulting firm.

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  5. 3 Ways Healthcare Consulting Can Streamline Your Organization for a Healthy Bottom Line

    3 Ways Healthcare Consulting Can Streamline Your Organization for a Healthy Bottom Line

    More than ever before, hospitals and other healthcare providers are under pressure to deliver quality, effective care while meeting regulations and financial obligations. Here are three ways a healthcare consultant can help you succeed.

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  6. new appropriate use

    What is the new Appropriate Use Mandate and Is It Appropriate?

    With proposed changes to Appropriate Use, ordering providers are going to have to document Appropriate Use Criteria consultation at the time they order advanced diagnostic imaging. Imaging labs will have to report this information on their claims to CMS – or they will not be reimbursed beginning January of 2019.

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  7. MUSE 2017

    What not to miss at MUSE International 2017

    The 2017 International MUSE Conference is the premier source for networking, education, and professional development for MEDITECH users. MUSE strives to offer education and networking focused on today’s most pressing MEDITECH topics, the newest products and services, as well as networking opportunities.

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  8. Guest Feature: How to Grow Your Hospital the Right Way

    As the CFO of Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital, Bob Hudson is spearheading a major expansion of services available to the Santa Clarita Valley community in California. An expansion like this doesn’t happen overnight. Hudson is overseeing the financing of the project as the completion of a fifteen-year master plan that’s been in the works since he joined Henry Mayo in 2001.

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  9. SPI Pillars

    Identifying the “Best-of-the-Best” Professional Services Organizations for Your Strategic Goals

    How Your Organization Can Succeed With the “Best-of-the-Best” Professional Services Organization When we were first approached to participate in a study for the “Best-of-the-Best” Professional Services Organization,

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  10. Organizational Culture: what matters most to people, clients, and ultimately patients 

    It is amazing how much culture is being talked about these days. You see it on the Internet, in articles, and numerous books. Everyone has their take on the subject; but at an organizational level, it’s important to think of what culture really means to your teams, because at the end of the day, it’s personal.

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