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  1. MUSE 2017

    What not to miss at MUSE International 2017

    MUSE International 2017 Is Just Around the Corner The 2017 International MUSE Conference is the premier source for networking, education, and professional development for MEDITECH users. MUSE

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  2. Guest Feature: How to Grow Your Hospital the Right Way

    As the CFO of Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital, Bob Hudson is spearheading a major expansion of services available to the Santa Clarita Valley community in California. An expansion like this doesn’t happen overnight. Hudson is overseeing the financing of the project as the completion of a fifteen-year master plan that’s been in the works since he joined Henry Mayo in 2001.

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  3. SPI Pillars

    Identifying the “Best-of-the-Best” Professional Services Organizations for Your Strategic Goals

    How Your Organization Can Succeed With the “Best-of-the-Best” Professional Services Organization When we were first approached to participate in a study for the “Best-of-the-Best” Professional Services Organization,

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  4. Organizational Culture: what matters most to people, clients, and ultimately patients 

    What Matters Most is Culture It is amazing how much culture is being talked about these days. You see it on the Internet, in articles, and numerous

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  5. denial management

    Denial Management for MEDITECH Platforms in 4 Simple Steps

    If your facility is waiting for the latest MEDITECH release or a Denial Management desktop to capture, track, and measure denials, you’re losing money! Denial Management can be done in all MEDITECH platforms. Here is the blueprint in 4 simple steps for capturing, tracking, and measuring denials in MAGIC, C/S, 6.0 and above.

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  6. 4 Benefits of Surgical Inventory Documentation and Management in MEDITECH

    MEDITECH 6.1 now allows nurses to search for an item without having to know in which inventory it resides. While this seems like a simple fix, the impact to end-users is significant: time is saved by omitting the need to search through multiple inventories to find the appropriate item. The resulting enhanced documentation compliance improves charge accuracy and tightens inventory control of decremented items.

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  7. CDM

    Enhance MEDITECH 6.1 Collection Streams in 6 Simple Steps

    MEDITECH 6.1 Collection Streams Made Easy In today’s environment, healthcare organizations are faced with external forces like never-ending stringent regulations, rising costs and continued reductions in reimbursement.

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  8. Creating an adaptable healthcare workforce through education

    Healthcare organizations face the challenge of constant change in today’s working environment. A well trained healthcare workforce with enhanced skills allowing for an agile and productive response is imperative. The four keys outlined here will assist in producing a core competency model.

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  9. Comprehensive clinical documentation done right

    Efforts to provide exemplary care are likely to go unnoticed under emerging regulatory and value-based care models if they aren’t documented appropriately. There are 10 important factors that provider organizations should consider for success.

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  10. Patient Engagement at First Impression

    First impressions are powerful. Unfortunately, many healthcare organizations miss out on the opportunity to make a good first impression. Healthcare leaders need to recognize that the patient care experience begins with the initial financial and administrative contacts, not with the clinician. This is a huge missed opportunity to engage and impress the patient.

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