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  1. MEDITECH Expanse

    5 ways to optimize your MEDITECH Expanse system after going LIVE!

    Congratulations! You are LIVE on MEDITECH Expanse. Now is the time to look at different ways you can optimize your system.

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  2. patient care

    Four steps to help nurses reclaim their time for patient care

    Lately, it seems nurses spend less and less time on patient care. Small changes multiplied across many can result in huge savings! Start here.

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  3. system optimization

    The Top 5 Considerations for a Successful System Optimization

    System Optimization Made Simple System optimization is something we know is critical after any type of HCIS implementation or upgrade. We talk about identifying those items during

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  4. change management

    Project Management 104: Become a Master of Change Management

    Overcoming resistance to change starts with education and communication. Helping your team and organization understand why the change is needed is the first step. Negotiating with them can help their anxiety but adjusting some components or the time frame.

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  5. eMAR

    Improve end-user satisfaction and patient safety by implementing Universal eMAR in ORM

    In MEDITECH Client Server, the comprehensive Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) is accessible from all clinical areas where medications are administered. Features allowing the quick order and administration documentation, including incremental dosing of one time medications have been developed to support operating rooms and to accommodate different workflows.

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  6. risk management

    Project Management 103: Six keys for Effective Risk Management

    Project Managers frequently overlook Risk Identification and Risk Management. Identifying risks and using good risk management are key processes that can mitigate risks and help ensure a successful project. Let’s discuss six key points to effectively manage risk in a project:

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  7. EHR

    Challenging the adoptability and usability of an EHR

    At the end of the day, behind the various EHR’s, we are dealing with just “0’s” and “1’s” despite the incredible price variances. What is unique is how the health system is positioned to take advantage of and realize the purpose of the EHR. Now it’s time to rethink how we truly change the adoptability of the EHR.

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  8. values

    Why Having a Values-Based Team is Essential to Serving Our Customers

    Having great team members is not just by chance at Jacobus. It is intentional and we are proud of all of our people. They live our values every day both together as a team and individually.

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  9. project charter

    Project Management 102: The Four Benefits of a Well-Defined Charter

    A Project Charter is more than just a piece of paper that outlines a project. It can help your project be successful, which is why every Project Manager should take the time to create one!

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  10. charge master

    Revenue Integrity Series: How to Successfully Implement Charge Capture/Charge Reconciliation in Your Organization

    In order to achieve the goals of maximizing reimbursement, minimizing revenue leakage, preventing denials, and expediting claims submission, we recommend implementing the three key components of revenue integrity: a Charge Master Management Solution, Charge Capture/Charge Reconciliation Process, and Claim Form Optimization/Maintenance Plan.

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