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Heart of Jacobus

Our values drive everything we do
The Heart of Jacobus Consulting: Company Values


Jacobus is a company founded on values. We believe these values drive our mission, determine our methods, and ensure our ability to help our clients achieve what matters most®. These are expressed in the four value statements below.


Personal IntegrityDoing the Right Thing at the Right Time

At Jacobus, we value honesty, humility, dedication, and transparency. We are genuine, self-motivated, hard working, and ethical. Our goal is to treat others with preference, loyalty, respect, and honor, building and retaining trust in our relationships.

Professional ExcellenceGoing the Extra Mile

At Jacobus we value expertise, experience, and continued education. We work hard to be organized, solutions oriented, and invested leaders who utilize proven methods and tools to ensure continued success. We deliver quality, long-term solutions that confidently equip and empower our colleagues and clients.

Productive CollaborationSuccess Together

At Jacobus we value team work, adaptability, and servant leadership. We strive to be listeners and contributors with a focus on partnership and integration, utilizing the individual strengths of each team member. We are committed to our relationships so that as a Jacobus family we achieve shared successes for our clients and as a company.

Positive DispositionCommitment and Passion

At Jacobus, we value enthusiasm, creativity, and a passionate commitment to the mission of healthcare. We begin each day with optimism, consideration, and genuine care for others. We consider it a privilege to partner with our colleagues and clients to achieve what matters most.