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Managing Population Health with Predictive Analytics

Why Start Predictive Analytics Now?

Population Health goals may seem like a distant achievement, but with the speed of healthcare demands growing from both regulatory bodies and populations alike, the time to develop a strategic plan is now.

Looking not too far ahead to 2018, CMS is commissioning bold goals to drastically change provider payments: “New targets call for Medicare to use accountable care or other new payment contracts for 30% of spending outside of managed care by 2016. That would increase to 50% by 2018. More broadly, Medicare would require some incentive for quality or value to be tied to 85% of spending by 2016 and 90% by 2018 under the new targets.” These goals are not options!

An organization’s ability to meet these new goals will require a holistic and coordinated approach beginning with executive leadership along with technology and predictive analytics.

How Can Predictive Analytics Help?
Healthcare organizations can:

  1. Predict trends
  2. Understand patients and, in essence, their customers
  3. Improve business performance
  4. Drive strategic decision-making
  5. Predict outcomes

Demonstrated ROI
Using Predictive Analytics, healthcare organizations can experience real results.

  1. Improve clinical and financial outcomes by:
    —Increasing accuracy of patient diagnosis
    —Build preventive public health programs
    —Personalize treatment
    —Predict the costs of insurance products
    —Decrease the need for costly clinical studies
  2. Maximize financial reimbursement
  3. Manage financial risk
  4. Reduce preventable hospital readmissions

What You Get With the Jacobus Predictive Analytics Solution

  1. Readiness Assessment
  2. Predictive Analytics Toolkit that includes:
    —Detailed Instructions
    —Customizable Templates
    —Sample charters
    —Key presentations
  3. Information Governance Guidance
  4. Seasoned Support Team
    —Analytics Director
    —Analytics Specialist
    —Project Manager
  5. Process Re-engineering and Training

The end result will be streamlined decision-making that enables new insights to be produced leading to better outcomes.

Jacobus Model for Predictive Analytics

The Jacobus model is a data mining, evidence-based solution supported by the most current literature that demonstrates optimal ways to make meaning out of the plethora of data available in business, clinical and financial systems. Jacobus helps health systems compile, mine, organize, and analyze critical clinical and financial data to simplify and speed complex decision making processes. By using the model in the right sidebar (click to enlarge), healthcare organizations are able to develop programs for the future and making change a reality now.

Contact us for more information on how to develop a strategic roadmap for your Population Health goals using Predictive Analytics. View the Solution Brief here.