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IT Applications Readiness Assessment

“The failure rate of US health care organizations for new Information Technology Systems implementation is estimated at around 50%. A primary reason for this high failure rate is the lack of assessment of broader organizational risks associated with Clinical Information Technology Systems Implementation.”

* Kaplan, B. – Culture Counts: How Institutional Values Affect Computer Use. M.D. Coomput. 2000

Readiness Assessments are best practice when planning major IT projects or migration to new healthcare technology and working with change management in healthcare. A readiness assessment prepares organizational resources to move forward while identifying obstacles and risks common to large scale initiatives or to your specific organizational culture. The assessment can also identify opportunities where process redesign and system optimization can improve operations, streamline workflows, and lower costs. Jacobus provides packaged Readiness Assessment and Opportunity Assessment services that assist hospitals to gain the most from these major transitions.

Not all vendor Readiness Assessments are created equal – our definition of “readiness” is based upon Clinical Informatics research and not vendor opinion. We analyze organizational readiness factors along critical dimensions that research has shown will directly impact the success of clinical or any other major projects. These dimensions include:

  • Organizational culture, alignment, vision and awareness
  • The initiative’s governance and structure
  • Provider and clinician adoption
  • Current systems status and IT practices
  • Process and standardization
  • Resources – both financial and human
  • Technology
  • An organizational skills and knowledge profile

We compile and report our findings from a framework of an Evidence Based Readiness Model that delivers priority recommendations and prepares for strategic project planning as a next step going forward.

Change Management for Healthcare Process Diagram by Jacobus Consulting