Jacobus Consulting


Medical Practice/Physician Integration & Performance

With changes driven by Healthcare Reform, do you know what specialties or individual physicians to employ to provide integrated services?

Are you able to optimize your mix of primary care, outpatient and ambulatory to market opportunities? Do you know which physicians and specialties are providing positive cash flow for your hospital and do your physician contracts reward your best performers? Can you identify which providers are costly to you or do not provide quality care or create compliance risks?

A Jacobus Consulting Physician/Medical Practice Integration, Strategy and Performance Review can help you to develop and implement an updated Physician Integration Plan as your health system implements outcome monitoring and risk based contracting required to support Population Management, Medical Home, and ACO Models. This service is complimented by our Clinic/Medical Practice Operations and Revenue Integrity Review service offering.

Our Medical Practice/Physician Integration services provide:
  • Strategic planning for acquisitions (Physician Needs Assessment/Market Strategy), evaluation of physician employment before acquisition, and evaluation of existing physician’s productivity and value to institution
  • Analysis of physician net revenue, not just charges, including practice and hospital
  • Develop consistent provider contracts based on productivity and other specified goals (needed for Hospitalists, Urgent Care and ED Physicians with no control over patient volume)
  • Specifies workflow process redesign requirements and systems optimizations needed for support of new models – Patient Centered Medical Home, ACO, etc.
  • Provides seasoned professionals available to develop and encourage providers to participate in health system risk-based and outcome managed models
  • Develop a Physician Integration Plan as health system moves to Population Management, Outcome Monitoring or Risk Based contracting