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Health Information Management

Is your Health Information Management (HIM) department accountable to their new roles in advanced EHR utilization while simultaneously bridging the gap to the continuum of care?

A siloed HIM department results in delayed cash, increased denials, rework, and loss of revenue. The advent of the EHR has changed the role of Health Information Management. And, in most organizations, HIM has not caught up to the changing tides.

HIM, like care management, serves as a secondary clinical bridge for the revenue cycle especially when considering the quality and depth of physician documentation and clinical documentation improvement (CDI) programs to support defensible and transparent patient care. In addition, as one of the pillars of the patient-centric revenue cycle, HIM plays a central role in coding, EHR and ELR (legal record) management, denials management, appeals, DNFB management, and compliance. With the pace of accelerating regulatory changes, thoughtful HIM leaders are reengineering work processes, improving automation, and championing the patient-centric revenue cycle not only in their own departments but across the clinical continuum of care.

If your organization’s HIM professionals fail to adapt to these changes, you can limit the availability of important clinical information, increase audit risks, cause coding backlogs, and ultimately reduce reimbursement.

We ensure your success with our KLAS® rated industry leading knowledge and methodologies to the table.

Jacobus is a leading provider of Health Information Management services such as:
  • HIM assessment and gap analysis
  • DNFB strategic management
  • Clinical documentation improvement (CDI) training and audits
  • Post ICD-10 coding audits
  • Interim coding services (outpatient and inpatient)
  • EHR/ELR standardization
  • Interim HIM management
  • Core HCIS utilization enhancement and automation

Learn how Jacobus Consulting clients have de-siloed their HIM departments, accelerated billing, and increased revenue. See our client success stories and our KLAS® results for more information.

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