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Get the Best in MEDITECH Consulting Services

Seeking Expanse Certified MEDITECH Consulting Services?

Jacobus provides a “one-stop shop” for skilled MEDITECH Consulting expertise – whether on MAGIC, Client/Server or moving to Expanse. Our consultants and our READY levels 1 -4 and Client/Server Pathways certified approach bring hands-on MEDITECH skill, along with years of hospital operational experience as Physicians, RN’s, Clinicians, Pharmacists, IT Analysts, Revenue Cycle and General Financials module experts.

We also provide MEDITECH Go-Live and Upgrade support along with complete report development services for NPR, Report Designer, and SQL.

Whether for new module implementation or to optimize a previous implementation, we combine our certified best-practice MEDITECH knowledge and workflow engineering expertise with expert Project Managers and Subject Matter Experts who know how to work effectively with your core teams to make sure you get the most from advanced MEDITECH system capabilities. In the process, we will ensure you have support for critical initiatives such as Meaningful Use, Clinical Documentation Standardization, Evidence-Based Content, Centralization of Services, Enterprise Revenue Cycle, and Patient-Centric Services.

Contact us to learn more about our certified approach. For more on our READY/Pathways certification, view the press release.