Jacobus Consulting


MEDITECH System Optimization Assessments

A Jacobus MEDITECH Optimization Assessment identifies the opportunities for improved MEDITECH system utilization to drive improved quality, patient care, and financial performance while we also identify areas to automate, lower costs, and streamline operations. We identify the “low hanging fruit” to help you utilize MEDITECH more efficiently. This brief engagement is targeted at all MEDITECH platforms – Expanse, 6.X, Client/Server and MAGIC – and can be focused on specific modules and processes to support the strategic development of your organizational IT plan.

Options for system assessment include:

  • Identification of under-utilization or currently manual processes that should be automated with MEDITECH capabilities
  • End to end process improvement and data flow opportunities to streamline operations, improve data integrity, and drive productivity
  • Standardization of clinical documentation, integration of evidence-based clinical decision support, and improved clinician adoption
  • Identification of specific tasks necessary for improved revenue cycle performance, higher revenues, increased cash flow, and reduced costs
  • Evaluate (Other Vendor) OV “best-of-breed” applications to determine trade-offs in replacing them with MEDITECH modules
  • Create a detailed plan to move forward, including of scope, structure, schedule, risks, resources needs, and budget implications