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Epic Community Connect

Extending Epic through Epic Community Connect

With interoperability and Care Coordination at the forefront of hospital leadership’s concerns, extending Epic capabilities to affiliated physician practices and Community Hospitals brings benefits for the Host, Affiliate, community and patient. Jacobus Epic and Advisory Services practices leverage our deep knowledge and experience with Connect methodologies and tools to align the goals and processes of the Host and those they extend to in the Community and beyond.  Jacobus  Connect experts will ensure that difficult decisions are addressed during strategy development and planning so your Connect initiatives are seamless.

At project inception, we partner to analyze your market and understand costs, develop a tailored offering for your market, determine marketing strategy and assist in contract creation and schedule development. We will also help promote your Connect offering to community practices and hospitals, as well as fully implement once all design decisions are made.  From an Affiliate perspective, we understand your unique needs and can assist with contract review, organizational change management and implementation.

Jacobus Community Connect consultants are skilled in:

  • Developing the contract, strategy and project plan
  • Organizing optimal governance through committee approaches to decision making, including subsidy levels, product offering, and contract negotiation
  • Marketing and demoing the product to community practices and hospitals
  • Training and change management initiatives
  • Building and implementation of the technology
  • Supporting the Go-Lives and optimizing the live system

If you would like more information on how we can support your Community Connect initiatives, contact us.