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Jacobus Consulting Excels Across All Critical Metrics in KLAS® IT Advisory Services Report


Firm also earns recognition for having highest number of engagements in Revenue Cycle Redesign

Irvine, CA (June 16, 2016) Jacobus Consulting, a KLAS® top rated consulting firm that partners with providers to improve the quality of patient care, system operations, and financial performance, has been recognized by KLAS as a leading firm that excels across all critical metrics in an IT Advisory Services Report released June 2016.

Stacking up against 36 firms, Jacobus Consulting excels in all 4 key metrics tied to client success. According to KLAS, these 4 critical metrics contribute most to client satisfaction in engagements and include Tools and Methodology, Healthcare Knowledge and Expertise, Strategic Competency, and Operational Execution. As healthcare IT systems gain complexity, regulatory demands increase, and interoperability becomes a necessity, the need for consulting services continues to rise. In the face of these realities, KLAS’ study allowed providers to identify firms with the best fit for their needs.

Across all 36 firms, Jacobus Consulting is the highest-performing firm in Tools and Methodology and Healthcare Knowledge and Expertise while excelling in Operational Execution and Strategic Competency.

KLAS IT Advisory Services Report Metrics

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A Hospital Executive in May 2016 states, “Jacobus is our first choice for everything because they produce great results, they have very competitive prices, and they bring quality consultants to the table. I have used a lot of vendors, and I don’t think I could find one better than Jacobus.” (KLAS IT Advisory Services Report)

Additionally, Jacobus Consulting is recognized by KLAS as having the highest number of validated engagements for Revenue Cycle Redesign/Optimization, and maintains an above market average in the quality of its consultants.

Revenue Cycle Engagements

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What separates Jacobus Consulting, aside from having industry leading consultants, is their performance across these 4 critical metrics that are highly differentiating factors integral to client success. The results demonstrate the consistency of Jacobus Consulting’s 20 year history as a leading firm in transforming health system revenue cycle and financial performance and producing tangible benefits for its clients.

With organizations focused on ensuring bottom lines while improving quality of care, Jacobus Consulting holds their place as a top specialist firm that maintains the integrity of their commitment to providing clients with industry leading experts, transparency into processes, and results-driven solutions.

“We are honored to be recognized by providers and KLAS® for achieving the highest performance across key critical metrics,” said Sandra Jacobs, CEO and Founder of Jacobus Consulting. “Our mission for 20 years – enable providers to advance the mission of healthcare and achieve what matters most® — has never wavered, and our clients, along with their patient communities, motivate us to strive for excellence.”

Additionally, KLAS states the following in the IT Advisory Services Report: “Clients report that Jacobus excels at creating relationships with clients to help them plan strategically; these relationships include involvement from Jacobus executives. Clients mention that Jacobus is able to form a big-picture view of client operations, resulting in a complete understanding of all processes and a non-siloed perspective.”

Jacobus Consulting is honored to be recognized as a leader in the Specialist quadrant of the IT Advisory Services report published by KLAS, thanks our customers for their participation in the study and is humbled by the trust clients put in the firm and its associates.

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Jacobus Consulting is dedicated to advancing the mission of healthcare providers through strategic advisory and information technology professional services in support of the patient continuum of care, revenue cycle and the journey to value-based healthcare. Our insightful, adaptable professionals engage through systems expertise, process proficiency, and workforce transformation to ensure that healthcare providers realize continued excellence in patient care, optimized operations, and improved financial performance.


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