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Patient Access Services

Patient access services (PAS) is one of the most important elements of a patient-centric revenue cycle regardless of whether centralized or decentralized.

Patient access personnel are typically the first staff members that patients come into contact with – as they schedule and register for healthcare services.

In addition to providing the feel-good customer service that patients want, patient access staff are charged with getting information into the systems correctly. And, they are being asked to improve efficiency and quality, standardize all intake areas throughout a system and work in a closed-loop manner on denials management.

If things go wrong in patient access, you can count on being haunted by problems that cascade throughout your revenue cycle process, requiring countless hours of re-work and clean up and negatively affecting reimbursement timing and the cost to collect. Unfortunately, with PAS staff being one of the traditionally underfunded areas and highest points of turnover for hospitals and physician practices, healthcare organizations often struggle to keep these problems from recurring.

We can help. Jacobus Consulting outperforms all other consulting companies when it comes to bringing healthcare knowledge and tools and methodologies needed to solve complex organizational challenges, according to the 2016 KLAS® IT Advisory Services Report. We can empower your healthcare organization by fine tuning and standardizing patient access operations to ensure operational efficiency through staff training, workflow redesign and standardization, and information systems optimization.

Areas of focus in Patient Access Services include:

  • Patient access assessment and gap analysis – decentralized vs. centralized
  • Essentials in customer service excellence
  • Pre-service and point-of-service financial counseling and determination of accurate financial obligations
  • Enrollment and outreach for expanded assistance programs
  • Scheduling efficiency and appointment utilization
  • Optimization of expanded ED, outpatient and clinic access operations
  • Electronic master patient index (e-MPI) best practices
  • Insurance verification, eligibility and authorization management
  • Observation services
  • Data capture and quality control
  • Bed management and throughput
  • Performance benchmarking and monitoring (dashboards)

“What sets Jacobus apart is they understand how the revenue cycle works for a hospital and how to work our particular EMR to best meet those needs.”

– Provider Commentary,
KLAS® IT Advisory Services Report, 2016

Jacobus Consulting has helped clients realize sustainable and superior results. See our client success stories and our KLAS® results for more information.

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