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Interim Management / Staff Augmentation Solutions

With our interim management or augmented staff services, your healthcare organization can leverage experts to satisfy short term vacancies within existing organizational charts, reach a variety of goals including but not limited to: managing operations until a permanent position can be identified, serve as change agents on the back of a major project, achieve project goals utilizing pre-budgeted payroll dollars as opposed to capital expenditures, and much more.

Leverage our healthcare interim management

A significant advantage to utilizing Jacobus Consulting for staffing interim healthcare leadership roles is that not only have all of our staff members served as healthcare leaders before, but our personnel bring with them our expansive resource library of knowledge, content, methods, tools and talent to the table. In fact, we are rated one of the highest performing consulting companies in the industry for critical metrics including tools and methodology, strategic competency, operational execution and healthcare knowledge and expertise by KLAS® in their 2016 IT Advisory Services Report. And, our interim leaders and executives are ready to leverage all this for your organization.

When we get to work for your organization, priority projects and strategic initiatives don’t have to lose momentum or go on hold during the interim assignment. You’ll have access to the same knowledge resources our consultants utilize to drive performance improvements, maintain operational excellence, and to Achieve What Matters Most®.

“The Jacobus team came here with an amazing skill set and definitely provided more knowledge and understanding than we could have imagined.”

– Director/Physician, KLAS® IT Advisory Services Report, 2016

Our consultants are handpicked for the specifics of your situation, are experts in the areas you require service in and can be tied to performance improvement initiatives. What’s more, they ensure a sustainable transition plan is in place when their contract is complete so your departments and operational duties don’t miss a beat.

Interim assignments that we have proficiency with include, but are not limited to:

  • Executive leadership
  • Revenue cycle leadership (patient access, care management, HIM, CDM coordinators, PFS, reimbursement analytics)
  • Coders (inpatient and outpatient)
  • SWAT Cash Acceleration and AR Management
  • Physician office management
  • Clinical management
  • Clinical and financial analysts
  • Finance management (controllers, accountants, and more)
  • IT analysts

Jacobus Consulting has helped clients realize sustainable and superior results. See our client success stories and our KLAS® results for more information.

Contact us: info@jacobusconsulting.com or 949.727.0720.