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1-Day Revenue Cycle Workshop

Rapid Results in a 1-Day Revenue Cycle Workshop

Jacobus Consulting has an unrivaled approach to solving preventable revenue leakage with our 1-Day Revenue Cycle Workshop. In this workshop, Jacobus Consulting aligns existing people, processes, and technology to find and fix the root cause, create a sustainable redesign, and keep the investment that organizations have already made in their technology.

In just 1 day, Jacobus Consulting helps health systems accomplish the following:

  • Learn about the critical success factors of a transformed revenue cycle that maximize financial performance
  • Discover the “silent pillars” of the revenue cycle and the cross-functional departments that impact revenue leakage
  • Gain tools to assess the revenue cycle and establish baseline measurements for continual HCIS monitoring and optimizing
  • Adapt techniques to prioritize projects for immediate wins
  • Identify HCIS modules and functionalities to optimize, strengthen, and continuously improve IT investment
  • Apply proven project management methodologies from Project Management Institute (PMI) and LEAN
  • Develop a transformational plan to develop a seamless patient and family journey through a transformed revenue cycle

Jacobus Consulting has helped clients realize sustainable and superior results. Continue learning about our patient-centric revenue cycle approach and see how our customers have driven transformation at their organizations. Read our KLAS® results. For more information on our 1-Day Revenue Cycle Workshop, contact us: info@jacobusconsulting.com or 949.727.0720.