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Revenue Integrity and CDM

As margins dwindle and financial pressures escalate, healthcare organizations are under more pressure than ever before to maximize their expected reimbursement.

Are you confident that your organization is capturing 100% of the charges for all services rendered via a revenue integrity program? Often organizations think they’re solving revenue integrity by staffing a CDM coordinator. While the function of a CDM coordinator is critical, what is often overlooked is a revenue integrity program integrated to clinical care delivery that maximizes gross revenue compliance in alignment with clinical documentation.

Whether your organization is converting to a new electronic health record (EHR), recovering post implementation, or operating in a stable environment, it is fiscally critical to ensure revenue integrity is at its maximum potential.

At Jacobus Consulting, we combine the art of revenue integrity with the science of CDM maintenance to deliver a fully defensible and sustainable product of 100% gross revenue accountability that aligns to generate income. We’re confident that we have what it takes to help your reach optimal levels of reimbursement – as KLAS® ranks our tools and methodologies as the highest performing in the industry.

“What sets Jacobus apart is they understand how the revenue cycle works for a hospital and how to work our particular EMR to best meet those needs.”

– Provider Commentary,
KLAS® IT Advisory Services Report, 2016

Discover how we can help your healthcare organization improve its financial performance with any of the following services:

  • Revenue integrity assessment and gap analysis for net revenue realization opportunities
  • Chart-to-charge audits: reviewing defensibility of charges or missing charges
  • Revenue Integrity audits – departmental interviews & observations to identify charge capture risk and opportunity
  • Implementation of revenue integrity program
    • Establishment of gross revenue accountability targeting compliance risks and possible audit targets
    • Late charge & charge rejection mitigation and management
    • Revenue integrity KPI establishment
    • Sustainable capture of all previously lost revenue
    • P&P’s for CDM management and charging guidelines
  • CDM Review
    • Line item review compared to R&U
    • Pricing review
    • CPT/HCPC/State specific coding review
    • Descriptor review (in comparison to AMA regulations)
    • Identification of missing, obsolete, updated, or deleted codes

Jacobus Consulting has helped clients realize sustainable and superior results. See our client success stories and our KLAS® results for more information.

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